Emmanouil D. Lampakis (1859-1909) Painter

Emmanouil D. Lampakis (1859-1909) Painter

The artist and icon painter, Emmanouil Lampakis (1859-1909), with inspired works of art to his name including The Vow, which is now held in the Panhellenic Sacred Foundation of the Evangelistria of Tinos, and the wall paintings depicting the Twelve Feasts of the Christian Year in the church of Agios Stefanos in Paris, was a pioneering, searching artist who was a credit to his homeland.

A student and firm friend of Nikolaos Gyzis, he was influenced by his teacher’s work. Emmanouil Lampakis was a low-key painter who painted portraits, genre scenes and religious subjects which stand out for the simplicity of their expression and the sensitivity of their rendering. The application of perspective in Emmanouil Lampakis’ religious paintings has been singled out for especial praise, and it is said that he paved the way for modern church painting “without deviating into the copying of nature and the impious striving for effect of the sort produced by the religious artists of the Catholic church and the Italian Renaissance”.

Works of his are held in the Panhellenic Sacred Foundation of the Evangelistria of Tinos, the Greek National Gallery —

Alexandros Soutzos Museum, the Koutlidis Collection, and by members of the Lampakis family and other private collections.

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