This page includes references to published works which contribute to the preservation and dissemination of the work of Ioannis, Georgios and Emmanouil Lampakis. The list includes works on Neohellenic history and culture, as well as noteworthy monographs presenting the whole spectrum of activities covered by the Lampakis Family Archive.


Lampakis Lampakis Brothers, Ioannis – Georgios – Emmanouil

 Association of people descended from Mountado, Tinos, Stefanos N. Delatolas, Athens 2006.

Thrace – Constantinople: Georgios Lampakis’s Journey (1902)

 Eugenia Chalkia, Vasiliki Chorti, Apostolos G. Mantas, David Hardy, Giasmina Moyseidou Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Byzantine and Christian Museum, 2007
DSCN5536 Diary 2000, The travels of Georgios Lampakis

Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Byzantine and Christian Museum, 1999

Publications containing photographs by Ioannis Lampakis

[Athens: Photographic Accounts 1839-1900], Benaki Museum, 2003
[Athenian dress at the turn of the 19th century], Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive, 1999
Olympics in Athens, Michael Llewellyn Smith, Estia, 2004
[Greece through photography], Melissa, 2007
[Athens ephemeral and eternal] by Dimitris Philippides, Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, 2009
[From ‘Who’s to blame?’ to ‘Sadly, we’re bankrupt’—Charilaos Trikoupis,
a biographical tour] by Lydia Tricha, Kapon, 2009



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