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Published Books from George Lampakis
Published Books from George Lampakis


1. A general introduction to Christian Archaeology: A lecture delivered at the National University on 25 November, 1896.

Georgios Lampakis, 1854-1914.
Athens : Law School Typography , 1897. 15 pages
Digital file from Anemi at the following address

2. Religious works.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens : Paraskeua Leoni Typography, 1893.
60 pages

Digital file from Anemi at the following address

3. Daphne Monastery: after restoration.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens : Anesti Konstantinidou Typography, 1899.
129 pages
Digital file from Anemi at the following address

4. Illustrated catalogue and history of the Museum of Christian Archaeology and Art.
5. Christian icons of the nine first centuries (1-842 AD): from Christianity’s beginnings to the restoration of Sacred Images.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens : Anesti Konstantinidou Typography, 1896.
102 pages.
Digital file from Anemi at the following address

6. The Christian Archaeology of Daphne Monastery

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens : Alexandrou Papageorgiou Typograpgy 1889.
153 pages
Digital file from Anemi at the following address

7. The seven stars of Revelation: the history, ruins, monuments and present state of the Seven Churches of Asia–Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamon, Thyateira, Sardis, Philadelpheia and Laodikeia—as well as nearby Kolossai and Ierapolis. With 255 illustrations.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens : Typography  “State”, Th.Tzavella . First Edition 1909

8. Works and critiques of those works.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens , Spiridonow Kousoulinou Typography, 1910

9. Zappeion Exhibition catalogue.

Athens, Greek Typography Nikolaou Iglesi, 1891

10. Studies, Projects and Tours, 1892-1893.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens, RoyalTypography Nikolaou Iglesi, 1894

11. Kassiani the nun: the Church’s beautiful and most pious and wise hymnographer.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens, Ioannis Kolaros Typography,“Hestia” Bookstore , 1912

12. The Birth of Christ: Jesus, God or Man? A study of the history and hymns of Christmas.

Georgios Lampakis,  Athens, Typography“State” Th.Tzavela. 1910

13. Byzantine Gallery.

Georgios Lampakis

14. Christian Art. Part One: Introduction to Christian Art. Volume I: Ancient Art.

Georgios Lampakis,. Tables VI designed by Ι.G.Fotinou . Athens, 1899

15. Christian Art. Part Two: Catacombs. Volume II: Early Christian Architecture.

Georgios Lampakis,. Tables designed by Ι.G.Fotinou. Athens, 1900

16. Liturgical Handbook: including the entire services of Vespers, Matins, the liturgy of Chrysostomos and Basil, the Eucharist, the Akathistos Hymn, the small supplicatory canon, the Menologium, Triodion, Pentecost and Easter services and the Apodeipnon..

17. “Christian antiquities in Attica”. Ph.D. thesis by Georgios Lampakis

Study Georgiou Lampki. Munich 1882.
Digital File in Greeks Press Here
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18. Christian Kenchreai. A topographical survey of Kenchreai.

Georgios Lampakis. Typography Virgi, Palermo. 1904 -1905
Digital File Press Here

19. Christian Archaeological Society Bulletin no. V, including the Society’s works.

Georgios Lampakis

20. Charter of the Greek Association in Munich.

Munich 1833
Digital File Press Here

Published Books By George Lampakis


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