Small bound volumes, bought journals, divided between personal and travel diaries.

The Archive holds 21 personal journals covering a considerable portion of his life: 1892-1913.

The travel journals are, of course, the most interesting. There are 74 of them, sorted and numbered from 209 to 283 by G.L. himself. Apparently covering the period 1900-1913 and relating to the numerous journeys he made as far afield as Rome and Asia Minor, they are full of information about, and descriptions of, monuments and relics. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to get to grips with their content, since they consist not of separate passages, but rather of scattered notes and references which are not always clear. This same material would reappear in more organized form as the core of the initial issues of the Christian Archaeological Society Bulletin, the journal G.L. founded, which published detailed accounts of his journeys. The Bulletin is still published annually by the Christian Archaeological Society, and includes inter alia the papers presented at the Society’s annual conference.




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