This large section (19 folders) includes the majority of G.L.’s manuscripts, organized thematically and formally.

They include:

  • Historical studies

  • Archaeological studies

  • Projects not written up

  • Lesson plans

  • Lecture notes

  • Liturgical matters

  • Hymnological matters

  • Ecumenical matters

  • Reviews-Contretemps

  • Speeches (special occasions, in memoriam etc.)

All in all, 386 documents have been located and archived under the above and related headings. They differ in length from a few paragraphs to dozens of pages long.

Thematically, they reflect their multifaceted creator perfectly: The anniversary speeches and sermons delivered in churches in Asia Minor give us G.L. The theologian-missionary, the archaeological studies spotlight the passionate advocate for respecting the Christian past. The manuscripts include an attempt at a Lexicon of Liturgical Terms and the first essays for a corrected edition of the Synopsi along with a paper on Theophilos Kairis, the Theosophist philosopher of Andros.

Although the Archive contains first, hand-written drafts of G.L.’s published studies, there may also be additional unpublished material like his almost complete study of Kairis’ personality, a work which covers hundreds of hand-written pages in this draft form. A work of interest for the history of research into Kairis if nothing else.

Also of note are several attempts by G.L. at writing hymns: a series of hymns to Saint Demetrios written to mark the liberation of Thessaloniki from the Turks.

Four large folders assembled by G.L. himself have been included in this section: The files on the Blessed Loukas, Daphne, the Russian Church and the Gospels controversy. The first three, which relate to specific monuments, follow the logic of the Monuments Archive, though they are more comprehensive and include data from other sources: publications, correspondence relating to the monuments, and copies of official documents. The folder on the Gospels includes material pertaining to the events that unfolded in Athens in 1897-9 in relation to the Modern Greek translation of the Gospels. It contains original material, letters and notes on developments as they happened. G.L. must have lived the events at first hand, both as a theologian and as private secretary to Queen Olga, who played a leading role in the events and who appointed G.L. to the relevant committee.

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