Georgios D. Lampakis (1854-1914) Byzantinist


Georgios Lampakis
Georgios Lampakis


In addition to everything Georgios D. Lampakis left to the Christian Archaeological Society and other institutions on his early death, his personal archive passed into the care of his brother Ioannis’ family, who looked after it extremely well. Georgios D. Lampakis’ oeuvre has now been archived and documented thanks to the interest shown by Ioannis E. Lampakis, who provided the necessary funding for Dr. Nikolaos Fyssas to undertake the task under the supervision of Professor Sophia Kalopisi-Verti.

The manuscripts and printed material in the Georgios D. Lampakis archive were largely readable, identifiable and hence organisable into sections. Mixed up pages, poor quality materials, illegible handwriting and damp made it impossible to archive a small portion of the material, including the rough drafts of G.L.’s outgoing correspondence.

Organizing the material

The manuscripts in the Archive were sorted into large sections, which were labelled for convenience:


Monument Archive

G.L. manuscripts.

Incoming correspondence

Typaldos-Kozakis Archive

The multifaceted nature of Georgios D. Lampakis work and the different roles to which he brought such passion over 60 years, make the archive a valuable resource for researchers in disciplines ranging from Byzantine Archaeology, Art History and Church History to Asia Minor Studies and the History of Science.



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